Israel365 Celebrates 10th Anniversary

On January 1, 2012, Rabbi Tuly Weisz sent his first daily newsletter to several dozen friends and family members and hasn’t missed a day since. “I was inspired by the verse in Deuteronomy,” said Weisz, “that God’s eyes are upon the Land of Israel each day, ‘from the beginning to the end of the year’ […]

Message from Tuly: Critical Now for Jews to Reach out to Christians

In 1981, following Israel’s attack on Iraq’s nuclear reactor, the international community united in condemnation of Israel. A young pastor from San Antonio was outraged and felt that, if anything, the world should be thanking Israel for making it a safer place. John Hagee began reaching out to local rabbis and invited them to attend […]

Rabbi Tuly Weisz’s Eulogy for His Father, Michael Weisz

With all my recent back and forth flights from Israel I’ve had a long time to think about this moment and originally had pages and pages of incredible stories, describing all of Dad’s amazing attributes and accomplishments. The hardest part was narrowing my remarks and at the same time trying to do justice to my […]

Rabbi Tuly Weisz at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

On Thursday, June 6, Rabbi Tuly Weisz spoke to the participants of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast- a global gathering the nations to align themselves in prayer with God’s purposes for Israel and Jerusalem. The purpose of this annual event is to answer God’s command and the Knesset’s call to the nations to pray for the […]

Israel365 Presents Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion with The Jerusalem Covenant

Yesterday was Jerusalem Day- Yom Yerushalayim. On this day 52 years ago, Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Land of Israel, was recaptured by the IDF and returned to Israeli sovereignty.  Every year, Jerusalem Day and the events of the 1967 Six-Day War, are celebrated as modern-day miracles. In honor of this year’s Jerusalem Day, Rabbi […]