Artist Incorporates Jerusalem in her Works
January 19, 2016
David's Harp ruth rudin

King David plays the harp in this print by Ruth Rudin

Growing up in Haifa, Ruth Rudin showed a passion for art from a young age. She began channeling her creative juices at the WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education.

After graduating from WIZO, Ruth headed to the United States to continue her education at the Mass College of Art in Boston.

While she was still in the US, working as a graphic designer, Rudin began participating in art exhibitions all over America, where she was able to display and sell her art. She saw that people were really responding to her work, and this gave her the final push needed to open her own studio.

Rudin returned to her hometown of Haifa, where she opened her own graphic design studio. She predominantly works with watercolors, gouache, inks, fabric paints and computer graphics.

Judaic themes are featured in almost all her work; she especially likes to integrate Israeli landscapes and cityscapes. Her pieces capture all the important Jewish lifecycle events – from birth announcements to bar/bat mitzvahs to weddings.


Rudin, also a master calligrapher, is perhaps most well-known for the beautiful ketubot (Jewish marriage contracts) that she designs. Each ketuba is available in a variety of texts, or if you prefer, she will write in your own custom text.

In addition to these beautiful lifecycle works, Ruth has created a line of art that is always suitable for any home, these include her original Birkat Habayit, blessings for the home, prints.

King David’s Harp is a piece that features that King David, adorned in a cloak with the landscape of Jerusalem, holding his harp up as if in the middle of a song. The harp, which King David so famously used to bring peace and serenity to King Saul, is now bringing that same blessing of peace to your home.

Klulot is another beautiful example of Rudin’s Birkat Habayit line. The print portrays the joy of a bride and groom under the wedding canopy, looking out in the distance as they begin their new life. What could be more appropriate than a blessing for this couple that their new home should home a peace, happiness filled with fellowship and cheer?

In both of these pieces, as with most of Ruth’s work, you can see how she incorporates the landscape of Jerusalem in bright colors.

In addition to creating Judaica, Ruth works full time in her studio as a graphic designer. Her work includes logo design, catalogs and brochures, image branding, newsletters book layouts and much more.

The motto with which Ruth runs her studio is to always give personal attention, the work should always be high quality without compromise and always meet deadlines.


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