Artist Expresses Love for Jerusalem through Art
January 31, 2016
Jerusalem Beckons, by Jordana Klein

Jerusalem Beckons, by Jordana Klein

Jordana Klein is an American/Israeli artist with a passion for creating beautiful, Judaica-themed paintings.

When she was a child, Klein discovered that painting was a sort of therapy for her. It was equal parts calming and exhilarating, as she was able to see different ideas and images she had in her mind come to life on paper.

After deciding that becoming an artist was her calling, Klein studied her craft at several elite NY art schools and, after arriving in Israel, she continued her education at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Klein, who works in a studio located in the Cardo in the Old City of Jerusalem, said that being able to paint in the Old City inspires her. It’s the combination of the spiritual and physical nature of the Holy City that she sees as the embodiment of Judaism. Through her art, she tries to “portray Judaism and the Torah as alive, splendid and spiritual”.

The styles of her paintings are very diverse, which is something that Klein is very proud of. She tells a story about a young artist who recently began working at the same studio as her, and was amazed when he found out that all of her artwork was created by one artist.

While her range of styles is impressive, one thing that remains constant throughout all of her work is the relationship between color, light and movement.


A good example of her different styles are Shabbat Table and Jerusalem Beckons.

Jerusalem Beckons is a still life painting of a dozen Jerusalem doors and windows. Just looking at this picture gives you a longing for Jerusalem. The entranceways, complete with the classic Jerusalem stone, are inviting people into the homes of Jerusalem.

In the Shabbat Table, Klein uses bold colors and abstract designs to show off the beauty of the Shabbat. In the middle of the picture are two of the most

recognizable symbols of Shabbat, the candlesticks and the challah, with colors running through them. The flowing colors can be seen as a passage from one week to the next, with the Shabbat table as the link that connects them.

Over the past 20 years, Klein has built quite an impressive catalog of over 400 paintings. She likes to focus on the unique architecture, scenery and flora of Israel. She has a wonderful line of Judaica paintings that includes scenes from the Bible, a series of prayers and blessings and paintings depicting Jewish holidays.  

Klein works with a number of different materials and methods when she creates art. This includes fine art oil paintings, giclee prints and working with a variety of surfaces, such as glass, wood, ceramic tiles, aluminum and more.


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