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About Israel365

“A land which Hashem your God cares for; the eyes of Hashem your God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year even until the end of the year.”
–Deuteronomy (11:12)

Israel365 promotes the Biblical significance and physical beauty of the Land of Israel each and every day of the year, according to the verse in Deuteronomy above. Through our amazing webstore, the important causes we support and our educational innovations, Israel365 is your daily connection to the Land of Israel.

Our popular email newsletter that goes out to over 150,000 people all over the world features stunning photographs alongside inspiring Biblical verses, entertaining videos and latest news stories.

Israel365 boasts a fantastic online store which supplies various books, Judaica, and other Israel related items made here in the Land. Our happy customers from around the world can attest to our exciting assortment of special merchandise which is constantly updated. With so many in the world boycotting the Jewish State, the Israel365 Store allows you to support Israel one purchase at a time.

We are constantly amazed at what is happening in our country each day and started “Breaking Israel News” to provide you with the latest news, from a biblical perspective. publishes news about Jerusalem, the IDF, Judea and Samaria and also feature stories about prophecy unfolding in the Land of Israel.

Israel365 is proud to present our very own “The Israel Bible” which is available both online and as a print Bible. While there are numerous Bibles in print today, the most central aspect of the Bible, the Land of Israel has been overlooked until now. “The Israel Bible” and seek to fill this important void in biblical literature by providing the original Hebrew text and a modern English translation alongside our unique and original commentary to better illustrate God’s focus on the Land of Israel, the People of Israel and the God of Israel.

Our readers are Jewish and non Jewish who all agree on their love for Israel, and are eager to bless and support the families living in the Holy Land. Our readers have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to feed needy Israelis and have planted thousands of trees to beautify the Land and to help bring prophecy to life. If you are looking to deepen your connection to the Land of Israel, the People and the God of Israel, please join us by signing up to one of our free daily email newsletters.

Rabbi Naphtali “Tuly” Weisz – Founder and CEO

Rabbi Naphtali “Tuly” Weisz is the director of Israel365 and serves as the publisher of The Israel Bible and Breaking Israel News, providing latest headlines from a Biblical perspective. Rabbi Tuly attended Yeshiva University (BA), Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (Rabbinic Ordination) and the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law (JD) and served as the Rabbi of the Beth Jacob Congregation in Columbus, Ohio before making Aliyah.
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Donna Jollay - Director of Christian Relations

Donna Jollay is a hi-tech entrepreneur, philanthropist, and, most dear to her heart, a deeply committed Christian Zionist. Her love for Israel and the children of Israel began when she had a life changing spiritual awakening in 1995 and started reading the Bible. She founded a hi-tech company in the States in 1999 that sold in 2001 – within months of her first visit to Israel – and attributes that visit and the love of Israel to her success according to Genesis 12:3. The Jewish people are HaShem’s chosen vessel to bring Himself and His Word into this world that Christians owe such a huge debt of gratitude towards, but instead have treated so horribly for 2,000 years. Donna has dedicated her life to doing what she can to rectify that, by bridging the Christian and Jewish communities.

Maayan Hoffman – Vice President, Publishing and Audience Strategy

Maayan Hoffman is a senior international journalist and marketing professional, with 20 years of experiencing working in the Jewish and Israeli sectors. She is the former Director of International Communications for the Israeli Democracy Institute and served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Baltimore Jewish Times and Director of Marketing for Mid-Atlantic Media. Her work has appeared in top-read publications, including American Spectator, Fox, The Hill, Politico and Roll Call, B’nai B’rith Magazine, The Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem Report, Jewish News Service and Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Ayal Kellman – Vice President, Operations

Ayal was born and raised in upstate New York and made Aliyah upon completing high school. After studying in Yeshiva and volunteering as a combat soldier in the IDF, he completed a BA with honors from Bar-Ilan University with a dual-major in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies. During his studies he worked as a research assistant and interned in the offices of MK Otniel Schneller. Prior to working for Israel365, which he loves despite his commute from Givat Shmuel, he worked at the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus in Jerusalem.
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Shlomo Schreibman – Vice President, Israel Media Network

Shlomo was born in New York and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. After spending six years in Yeshiva, Shlomo served for two years in the Intelligence Corps of the IDF. Shlomo completed his B.A. in Psychology with honors at the Open University and later completed his M.A. in Occupational and Industrial Psychology at the University of Ariel located in Samaria. Prior to working for Israel365, Shlomo served as the Project Manager at Yedidut Toronto in Jerusalem.
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Lorien Balofsky – Graphic Designer

Lorien made aliyah to Israel in 2006 and has been working as a graphic designer ever since. She has been working for Israel365 since April 2012, and strives to make all of Israel365 look as beautiful as the daily photos. Originally from London, Ontario, Canada, Lorien now resides in Tel Mond with her husband, four very adorable & very very active children... and consequently no pets.
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Eliyahu Berkowitz – Senior Reporter, Breaking Israel News

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz is a senior reporter for Breaking Israel News. He made Aliyah in 1991 and served in the IDF as a combat medic. Berkowitz studied Jewish law and received rabbinical ordination in Israel. He has worked as a freelance writer and his books, The Hope Merchant and Dolphins on the Moon, are available on Amazon.

Tsivya Fox – Content Writer, Israel Media Network

Tsivya Fox, a native of New York, made aliya on the first Nefesh B’Nefesh flight in 2002. She holds a Master's Degree in Education as well as decades of continuous Bible studies. Tsivya fell in love with Israel when she was an exchange student at Haifa University. She enjoys following how world events bring to light the words of the prophets.
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Orly Gibson – Content Writer

Orly Gibson was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. After studying in Israel for a year at Machon Maayan, she returned to Toronto and received an Hon B.A. in Religious Studies from York University. Currently, she is completing her M.A. Thesis in Contemporary Jewish Society at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Orly lives in Ramat Bet Shemesh with her husband and three children.
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Shifra Goldmeier – Project Management Officer

Shifra Goldmeier was raised in El Paso, TX and Los Angeles, CA and has lived in Israel for over 25 years. Shifra brings a strategic operations perspective to Israel365, building on over 20 years of product and project management experience. Wife, mother of eight, mother-in-law of one, Shifra and her family live in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

Eliana Rudee – Reporter, Breaking Israel News

Eliana Rudee is a reporter for Breaking Israel News and a freelance writer based in Jerusalem. Eliana studied politics, international relations, and Jewish studies. Since moving to Israel, she has focused her interests on topics related to global Jewish life, American Jewry, counter-terrorism, Israeli entrepreneurship and innovation, Israeli culture, and minority rights in Israel. Her byline has been featured in many prominent media outlets, including Forbes, USA Today, New York Daily News, the Culture Trip, and The Hill. 

Shira Schecter – Editor, The Israel Bible

Shira graduated from Stern College with a BA in Judaic studies and received masters’ degrees in education and Bible from the Azrieli and the Bernard Revel graduate schools of Yeshiva University. Shira also studied at the Yeshiva University Graduate Program for women in Advanced Talmudic Studies, and was a teaching fellow at the Rabbi Soloveitchik Institute in Boston. Prior to making aliyah in 2013, Shira taught Bible to high school students in New Jersey. She now lives with her family in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.
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Simone Sommer – Bookkeeper

Simone Sommer made aliyah from South Africa. She lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh with her family.
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