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In their final days, we have an opportunity to support aging survivors

As the years go by, survivors are reaching the twilight of their lives. And as they grow older, their needs continue to grow. And as their mobility wanes, this aging demographic must start thinking about the changes they must make around the homes. From banisters on the stairs to handicap accessible bathrooms – there are many changes they need to make to ensure they can properly use their homes.

Sadly, in Israel, there are thousands of survivors living below the poverty line. For them, there is no chance to make basic changes in their home. They lose access to their bathrooms, their kitchens, and even their own beds. For survivors who have been through so much suffering, it is simply heartbreaking to see them continue to suffer in their old age. These survivors are in desperate need of often simple renovations – that’s why Israel365 has made it a top priority to crowdfund for this cause. By covering the costs of these renovations, we can greatly reduce the suffering of survivors in their final years.

Rabbi Tuly renovates the home of a Holocaust Survivor

Last month, with the help of supporters of survivors from around the world, Rabbi Weisz and the Israel365 team completed the renovation of an aging survivor by the name of Hanoch, who could no longer access his bathroom, his bed and had a hard time maneuvering in his home in his wheelchair. They quickly got to work on his home and completely transformed it.

Watch the video below to see for yourself!

Sadly there are many more survivors in similar situations. Click Here to learn about our current project.

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