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New Trees For Maoz Esther

Baruch, the Israel365 agriculture specialist, met with Ahuviel Sandak to plant trees in the community of Maoz Esther.

Maoz Esther is a small agricultural settlement founded around a year ago. Like in many other new settlements, the residents of Maoz Esther are living in temporary living conditions in the time being. The community is comprised of a single-family as well as some younger male and female volunteers who have committed to settle and work the land. In addition, the community tends to a heard of goats. The dream of these founders is for Maoz Esther to continue to grow into a large Jewish town based on Bible principles and teachings.

The beautiful backdrop to Maoz Esther is the Jordan River Valley. According to the Bible, (and modern bible researchers) this is the location where the Children of Israel entered the Land of Israel under the leadership of Joshua. This is the location of the Biblical city of Ai. When the Children of Israel entered the Promised Land, they ascended the river bank and conquered the city of Ai.

 Baruch and community volunteers planted paulownia tometosa, more commonly known as princess trees and empress trees. These trees are extremely fast-growing and their roots are wonderful for rejuvenating the land. As you can see, this area has become an overgrown, thorny, wasteland. With the help of these new trees, this region will once again bloom and flourish! In addition, their leaves are great for animal feed which will come in handy for this community’s growing flock of goats. 

Thank you to the generous donors who enable this special project to continue. It is through your dedication to Israel that we are able to continue to plant trees all across this holy land. If you would like to contribute to the Israel365 tree planting campaign, you can do so by clicking HERE

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