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Twenty New Trees For Kibbutz Tzuba

We had such a great time meeting Ziggy (and his cute puppy Max) at Kibbutz Tzuba. We loved admiring the new trees planted in the kibbtuz thanks to the amazing donors at Israel365. 

Kibbutz Tzuba is located about 15 minutes away from the Israel365 offices in Bet Shemesh. We were not surprised to learn that Tzuba is mentioned in the Bible. At the end of II Samuel, King David’s final words are recorded. Before his death, King David lists his bravest warriors including “Igal son of Natan from Tzuba…” (II Samuel 23:36).  It was an honor to plant trees in the same location that King David’s soldiers lived and walked thousands of years ago. It is nothing short of miraculous to play a part in the continuation of Jewish history in the Land of Israel.

The kibbutz is beautiful and green, and still functions as a kibbutz! That means that there is an active dining hall in which the residing families of this kibbutz eat together every day! Members of the kibbutz also share communal cars and take turns using them as needed. While the kibbutz lifestyle was very popular in Israel 60 years ago, it is almost non-existent in our day and age. It was a real treat to spend some time on this real, functioning kibbutz. 

Ziggy is the landscaper/gardener at Kibbutz Tzuba and is in charge of maintaining the grounds. He was thrilled to have received a donation from Israel365. The money donated by our generous donors allowed Ziggy to plant twenty new trees in strategic areas around Tzuba. 

While Ziggy was born in and grew up on this Kibbutz, his mother and father actually made aliyah (immigration to Israel) from the United States of America some 40 years ago. He was amazed to hear that the donation he received was made by supporters of Israel from around the world- including from America!

Thank you so much to all of the donors who contributed to our ‘Embrace-A-Community’ campaign. We have visited dozens of communities across Israel, planting trees, and beautifying towns and villages. If you would like to be part of this special project, please CLICK HERE. All monthly donors of $50+ will receive a beautiful personalized tree plaque in appreciation of their commitment. 

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