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An Unbelievable Tale from Nacham

Rabbi Tuly Weisz met with Orly and Amos in Nacham. Just like almost everything else in Israel, the word Nacaham comes from the Bible!

“The sons of the wife of Hodiah sister of Nacham were the fathers of Keilah the Garmite and Eshtemoa the Maacathite” (I Chronicles 4:19).

Amos told us that the founders of this community chose to name their town Nacham, based on the insights of Zev Vilnai. Zev Vilnai, Yeshayahu Peres and some other academics formed a committee to plot out and name Israeli towns named on their Biblical identities in the early years of the existence of the modern State of Israel. 

In the Bible, Nacham was a son of Judah. The modern community of  Nacham is located right in the middle of the Biblical boundaries of the tribes of Judah and Dan. This entire geographic location is rich with history and archaeology. 

Today, approximately 150 families lives in Nacham. These families are deeply connected to the Land of Israel. Orly’s grandfather was one of the first individuals who gave his life in the defense of the community of Nacham and of the Land of Israel. On March 10, 1956 Orly’s grandfather was murdered in him home in Nacham by a Palestinian terrorist. 

In his final moments of life, Orly’s grandfather used his blood to write the following verse on the wall of his home:

“If I forget you, O Yerushalayim; let my right hand wither” (Psalms 137:5).

This meaningful act serves as a reminder to Orly, her family, and the entire community of Nacham what it means to give your life in the defense of your land. What an inspiration to the People of Israel!

We were so happy to meet Orly & Amos and even more thrilled to plant fruit trees in this beautiful community. We pray that these trees will provide beauty, shade, and fruit for the residents of Nacham for many generations to come. 


Thank you to all of the Israel365 donors who contributed to our tree planting campaign and made this tree planting event in Nacham possible. Please CLICK HERE to contribute to this special campaign. Orly and Amos send their thanks and blessings to all those who donated the beautiful fruit trees to their town.

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