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Adding to the Miracles in Taoz

We have been LOVING travelling this beautiful country meeting amazing individuals, learning fascinating history and PLANTING TREES.

A couple of weeks ago, we planted trees in the community of Tarom. It was only appropriate that we visit the sister community of Taoz, located just across the highway from Tarom!

Both of these name come from the same verse in the Book of Psalms- “Yours is an arm endowed with might; Your hand is strong; Your right hand, exalted” (Psalms 89:14). Tarom means “exalted” and Taoz means “strong”.

At Taoz, we were introduced to Yossi who spoke to us about the rich history of the community. At age 8, Yossi immigrated to Israel with his parents and sibling from Cochin, India. The year was 1954. Yossi still remembers arriving in Taoz and getting used to the new lay of the land. 

In India, Yossi’s parents and the other members of the Jewish community were business people with no experience in farming or agriculture. When they arrived in Israel, they were settled in a rural community and were encouraged by the government to begin working the land. Yossi recalled the planting of a vineyard. Miraculously, after 3 years, the vineyard was blooming. This community who had no experience in farming, was able to make the land give forth fruit. 

Yossi read to us from the Book of Leviticus: “When you enter the land and plant any tree for food, you shall regard its fruit as forbidden. Three years it shall be forbidden for you, not to be eaten” (Leviticus 19:23). Yossi, his parents, and the entire community of Taoz lived these divine words. They entered the land, they planted trees for food, they waited three years, and then they enjoyed the fruits of their labor!

We love stories like this! This is the Bible coming to life! The readers at Israel365 also love these stories. We love meeting these individuals and families and being able to give back to their communities.

Thanks to the amazing Israel365 donors, we were able to help Taoz plant new trees, bushes, and flowers at the entrance to their community.

They were so appreciative of the donation and were so thrilled to share their miraculous tale of the restoration of the people in the Land of Israel.

Thank you to all of those who have contributed to our ‘Embrace-A-Community’ campaign. If you would like to plant trees and beautify an Israeli town, please CLICK HERE. All monthly donors of $50 will receive a personalized tree plaque in appreciation of their generous commitment to God’s land. 



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