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Planting in Memory of Sharon Edri in Zanoach

When we arrived to plant trees in Zanoach, we were humbled by the warm welcome we received. 

We were greeted by Michael Pinto, the community gardener. Like most of the other cities in Israel, Zanoach gets its name from the Bible- “Hanun and the inhabitants of Zanoach repaired the valley gate; they rebuilt it and set up its doors, locks, and bars” (Nehemiah 3:13)

When the exiles came back in the times of the second commonwealth under the leadership of Nehemiah, Zanoach is specifically mentioned!!! The community members of ancient Zanoach were among those who volunteered to rebuild the Holy Temple in Jerusalem! 

Fast forward some 2,000 years and countless miracles, the modern community of Zanoach was established in 1955 by Moroccan immigrants to Israel. They build this community from the ground up. We added to this beautiful community by planting 10 fruit trees in front of the community synagogue, adding a new element of life and beauty.

Michael’s cousin, Sharon Edri was also a resident of Zanoach. Sharon, like all other Israeli youth was drafted to the IDF where he served in an elite army unit in 1996. One day, while on active duty, Sharon was not feeling well and visited the army’s medical clinic. Late at night, on his way home, he was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and murdered shortly after. This community has given a lot to Israel. It was our honor to dedicate these 10 fruit trees to the eternal memory of fallen IDF soldier Sharon Edri. 

We are used to planting trees with our hands, shovels, and spades. It was a real treat to get to use a real bobcat to do some major work in the community of Zanoach.

Thank you to all of the donors who helped make this tree planting possible. To contribute to our next tree planting, please CLICK HERE

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