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Planting in the Community of Geulat Tzion

Geulat Tzion is a beautiful community located just minutes from the Biblical city of Shilo. Use our INTERACTIVE TREE PLANTING MAP  to get a better understanding of exactly where this community is situated.

There is a stunning view from these hill tops, just have a look at the photos below! Geulat Tzion, which literally means the redemption of Zion, is located in Samaria, the Biblical heartland of Israel. The special families who live in this community believe that their presence in this location is helping to expand and strengthen the boundaries of the Land of Israel. These dedicated families are committed to remaining in this area despite the fact that they are living and raising young children without electricity, plumbing, or running water! These individuals demonstrate an unmatched love for God’s land.

Baruch, our agricultural specialist, facilitated a special tree planting ceremony for us in this magnificent community. It was a real honor to be able to plant saplings just meters away the Biblical city of Shilo. It was in this city that Channa (Hannah) cried out to God in the tabernacle. Her prayers for a child were answered and soon after, she gave birth to the Prophet Samuel.

Harnessing the intrinsic power of prayer associated with this region in Israel, we planted trees and offered a prayer that they grow to provide the Children of Israel with shade, fruit, protection and strengthened roots in their land.

Thank you so much to the Israel365 donors who made this tree planting possible. CLICK HERE if you too are interested in planting trees in the Land of Israel. 


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