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Tarom: 1949-Today!

We had such an amazing trip to Tarom. We were greeted by Avi, the mayor of Tarom. Avi is also the grandson of Sa’adia, a founding member of this community. Sa’adia, his family and community immigrated to Israel from Yemen following the establishment of the State of Israel in 1949. 

Founding members of Tarom in 1949.

Avi described the hardships faced by founders of the community who did not have electricity, running water or any other infrastructure. Now, Tarom is a beautiful and flourishing community. The young generation is enjoying the trees and the fruits of the labor of the previous generations. Avi showed us a beautiful memorial he built himself to commemorate the IDF soldiers from Tarom who were killed in the line of duty. The community gathers at the memorial a number of times a year to pay their respects to the soldiers who died defending the Land of Israel.

Of course, the name Tarom comes from the Bible! In Hebrew, Tarom means ‘exalted’ and appears in Psalms 89. The success of this community is the definition of being exalted. Avi was so excited to receive the trees donated by the supporters of The Israel365 Charity Fund. The trees will be used to enhance and beautify an area used for educating the youth about road safety. 

Thank you to the amazing donors who have enabled us to plant all across this country. Click here to join our next tree planting event and fulfill divine prophecy. 

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