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Israel365 Brings Relief to IDF Soldiers

It is HOT in Israel during the summer. If we are being honest, it can be hot in Israel during the winter, but it is BOILING during the summer months.

Thanks to our AMAZING and generous donors from around the world, we are giving “Cool Collars” or mobile air-conditioning units to Israel’s soldiers. Even when the temperatures in Israel are soaring, IDF soldiers must protect the Land of Israel from the enemies of the Jewish People.


Rabbi Tuly and David Sidman, editor of Breaking Israel News, distributed “Cool Collars” to IDF soldiers on guard in the Biblical Heartland. You can see the smiles on their faces as they feel some instant relief from the heat.

Our goal is to gift a “Cool Collar” to every single IDF soldier this summer. By keeping our soldiers cool, alert, and awake we are helping protect God’s Holy Land.

Thank you to all of our generous donors who have helped bring relief to IDF soldiers with a “Cool Collar”. For just $25, you too can sponsor a “Cool Collar” for a well-deserving soldier. Donate here. 

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