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Jacqueline’s Testimony: Meeting with an Israeli Holocaust Survivor

On Yom Hazikaron, Rabbi Tuly Weisz visited with Jacqueline, an Israeli Holocaust survivor.

Although Jacqueline moved to France after WWII, she recently fulfilled her dream of moving to the Holy Land and has settled in Israel.

Every day, Jacqueline attends programming at Melabev Beit Shemesh, a center that provides a safe and warm environment for memory-impaired seniors from all over the world.

Melabev Beit Shemesh helps keep Jacqueline and other elderly Holocaust survivors busy and active. This amazing facility cares for Israel’s elderly Holocaust survivors in their old age.

Israel365 is honored to sponsor programming at Melabev Beit Shemesh for some of Israel’s 200,000 Holocaust survivors.

The Holocaust survivors who visit Melabev have experienced an unimaginable amount of pain and suffering in their lifetimes. Now, in their old age, it is our duty to care for them and ensure their safety, health, and well-being.

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