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Israel365 and NBA All Stars Host Basketball Clinic for Underprivileged Children

Thursday, May 16th, 2019 is unlikely to be a date that a special group of boys from southern Israel are soon to forget.

Israel365 partnered with World Emunah, and NBA superstars Michael Redd and Tamir Goodman to host a basketball clinic at the YMCA in the heart of Jerusalem for a group of underprivileged Israeli children.

The boys who attended the clinic live at World Emunah’s Neve Landy Children’s Village located in Even Shmuel, just 25 Km. from the Israel-Gaza border. These children come from extremely difficult backgrounds and have been removed from their homes for their safety and well-being.

Aged 6-16, many of these young boys demonstrate significant behavioral issues, learning disabilities, and complex emotional difficulties.

The recent barrage of rockets on southern Israel had these boys constantly running for cover and sleeping in the Children’s village’s bomb shelters. The rocket attacks were stressful for all Israelis, but were especially frightening for this group of boys, many of whom suffer from PTSD.

An afternoon of basketball games and fun alongside Olympic gold medalist Micahel Redd and Israeli-born NBA player Tamir Goodman brought smiles to the faces of these deserving boys.

Israel365 was honored to sponsor this incredible event. “It was a beautiful event because it nourished the boys’ bodies and souls and allowed them to have fun and learn and gain confidence all at the same time” said Rabbi Tuly Weisz.

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