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Help the Families of Mevo Modiim Who Lost Everything

The community of Mevo Modiim has been totally devastated by last week’s forest fires, yet the people of this special community remain strong! There have been many tears, but there is also much love and hope for the future.

Rabbi Tuly Weisz and Rev. Rebecca Brimmer meet with the displaced residents of Mevo Modiim to offer help and support.

Everything in this community has been scorched, but not one life was lost! This is nothing short of a miracle. Jews and Christians have united to support this community get back on their feet.

People from all over the world are helping the residents of Mevo Modiim in the name of the Bible and the God of Israel. We are calling out to people all over the world to give generously. Prayer is necessary at a time like this, and so is action! Help Israel365 and Bridges for Peace provide for the residents of Mevo Modiim in some of their greatest moments of need.

Donations of diapers, clothes, and other necessities for the families of Mevo Modiim. More donations are urgently required!

Please give now and bless the people of Mevo Modiim. Donate HERE.

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