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VIDEO: The Rise of Muslim Terrorism in the USA

David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh and founder of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, discusses the rise of Muslim terrorism in Israel and what the United States can do to help reduce violence.

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  1. Silas Jacob

    I cannot let you have the website due to hackers within our midst. Ordinary people have lost some thousands of Pounds ( S ) even the National Health service ( here ) came to a standstill by hackers and on one ocasion we were singled out by a RANSOM HACKER. This does not mean that I have negative thoughts of you whatsoever but safe guarding myself from others and myself in case I forget and leave my site on when I sleep at night or when I go out during the day.
    Please forgivr me.
    Silas Jacob.

  2. Michael Skok

    It may be too late to stop the terrorism. After 9/11 was the time to stop the spread of Islam and terrorism. But George Bush said Islam is a peaceful religion. You cannot stop terrorism if you allow Muslims to believe and practice that infidels must be killed.

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