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VIDEO: The Sickening Media Bias Against Israel

You don’t need to look far to see that the BBC is anti-Semitic and maintains a strict anti-Israel bias.

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  1. Doreen Deaver Asteguieta Cohen

    And so biased in their reporting it is sickening. I won’t even watch them or CNN in their reporting to get misinformation..not I.
    Only here do I believe what I read,
    I am very happy both Prime Minister and Trumps son called them out! I don’t understand where honest reporting has gone…
    No integrity left.
    No longer watch the news as it is filled with Trump hate.
    Personally I will support my President whether I agree or not. He is my President and I will support him as should every resident in this country…

    They burn our flag too in the streets…our own ppl…too many hate us too.

    He was God’s chosen…against all odds he won.
    Keep on attacking news sources in a way the world can see the truth!
    I love & support Israel…

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