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Rejoice With Jerusalem!

“The Wall Bears Witness”

In this very meaningful video, the Western Wall in Jerusalem is personified as a witness to bitter tears as well as joyful song. Whatever brings a person there, he can be sure the stones are a reservoir for his heart’s desires and his prayers go straight to the heavens.

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  1. Anne Keegan

    O. Jerusalem, what a beautiful and exquisite song. I cry along with you and pray for peace in Israel. I live in New Zealand, but my heart dwells in Israel. Thank you for this and all your emails from Israel 365. Shalom, Shalom.

  2. Marlene Langert

    Tis song warms my heart and my soul. THank you so very much.

  3. Shiranee

    Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Words, Beautiful Song. God’s Glory around us all. Bless you Jerusalem! Bless you Israel. The Nation of Our Living God. Praise and Glory to His Holy Name. Jesus Christ the Messiah.
    All Honor is Yours. All Glory is Yours. All Peace is Yours. Love You always.

  4. Gary L. Ahrens

    Precious Israelites,

    Dear to my heart is Israel and the Israelis. I will
    for Israel. Thank God the turn out of our elections.

    The Western Wall Song Was so touching.

  5. marta vale

    SHALON TO Irael and Jesrusalem Im praying for you. I love the song it reachin to my soul so beatifull.
    May GOD all mightybless you all. I thank God for making my life much better when I decide to follow JESUS my God. Hehas bless me espiritually, abundatly with lots of blessing. Thank you my Lord.

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