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VIDEO: How Will You Make Your Impact?

What are you going to do in your lifetime that will truly change the world? What actions will you make that will truly have an impact? Sounds like these entrepreneurs are headed in the right direction!

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  1. Helen Weissman

    Shalom to you, friendly rabbi Truli Weisz and yours! You wanted to know, what I was thinking about your book; “Light from Zion”…well, I gave it as a gift to my husband, he was very delighted!
    Afterwards I saw a beautiful jewel on offer..It was ‘The Menora Medallion’. I received that last shabbat eve! I felt like it was almost too holy for my fingers to touch…Thank you, it is so important to my heart! It was wrapped beautifully, the colour of the turquoise gift wrapping happened to be just the same as the colour of the sheets I had just picked for our room! My husband wanted to buy that for me, I became overjoyed for that piece of Jewelry, sent to me straight from Jerusalem, the undivided capital of Israel!
    Thank’s again, be blessed 🙂

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