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Rejoice With Jerusalem!

IDF Soldiers Liberate the Old City of Jerusalem

In June 1967, Israel’s soldiers overcame Arab troops and reached the Western Wall — the ancient remnant of the Jewish temple. At that moment, the Old City of Jerusalem, lost to the Jewish people for 2,000 years, was finally in Israel’s hands.

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  1. robert ettleman

    Was in Germany, we were going to support through Italy. War over, God is great


    As a Holocaust survivor (by luck) My greatest Joy and happiness Jerusalem is OURS!!!!!!and will remain Tom Foldes Toronto Canada

  3. Jennifer Smith

    God bless Israel! God bless Jerusalem!
    Peace be to Jerusalem, God bless the Israeli People.

  4. Rosanne Stinchcombe

    I remember this event which happened on my twenty-first birthday in June 1967 .Since then , as part of organising the Friends of Israel over here in Yorkshire , England , I presented The Jerusalem Medal to the Mayor of Sheffield twenty years ago . Now that I am in my seventies , I have been writing a poem – ‘Jerusalem’ which narrates the history of Jerusalem from the conquest of Jebus through to the modern day and would like to send this to the Jerusalem Post . Could you please advise me by replying to this e-mail at my address . Rosanne Stinchcombe

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