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Rejoice With Jerusalem!

HOPE: Talkin’ Bout Tikva

Today is Israel’s 69th Birthday and we can’t think of a better way than to fill our lives with music and dance! Enjoy this extra special song written for just this exciting occasion!

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  1. Heather D. Reece

    Our love and prayers go to you Israel..
    Visited your wonderful country a few months ago.
    In Christ

  2. Kereama Williams

    I thought 14th May 1948 was the day

  3. Sherry brown clark

    TIKVA !! Yes..everlasting Life Products ! Thrilling to see Promises of Ha Shem flourish !

  4. Wilson Medina


  5. Soruma

    ISRAEL: a blessed country in World; God’s Eye!
    Happy Birth Day!
    Flourish Forever!!!

  6. Ruthyl Lachmann

    God bless Israel forever the only country in the Middle East that is civilized with all the inventions that been done there and distributed in the world and none has ever mention’ t the staff they are using was invented in Israel. The culture and motivation has a lot to do with which those country’s never had this why they were so backwards. God bless Israel and God bless A M R I C A.

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