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Video: Happy 5th Anniversary Israel365!

A very special video from Rabbi Tuly Weisz and his daughter, Bella, to our readers all over the world in honor of this incredible milestone!

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  1. Esther G Spielman Pollak

    Happy Anniversary to you Tully and your fabulous family at home and your Israel 365 site. One of my favorite sites. Esther Pollak. I try to share it with others as well.

  2. Esther G Spielman Pollak

    Love your site. May it prosper because you bring so much joy to all of us. Esther Pollak

  3. Nyree Bryan

    Happy New Year from New Zealand… thank you for your very informative articles, news and videos about Israel. We get very little news here in NZ re what is happening there and what we do get is mostly negative so I am really enjoying them. Looking forward to another awesome year with everything Jesus has planned for us all. ?
    My email address is uk but I live in NZ.

  4. Gary Zone

    Bella is a real charmer.
    I think with her beautiful smile, she could sell snow to the Eskimos.
    My mother’s name was Bella. I love it!
    Best from Calgary, Canada,

  5. Michael T Badeau

    I am so grateful to Israel365 for bringing to my home the lives and inspirations of Israel and her people!
    I am a computer engineer with 30 years experience but after our Lords 6th Great Awakening here in the
    US I also became a home saint. Jesus has been guiding me across the world web in order to educate me
    with truth of religious history. With my passion for the Jewish people inspired by people such as those at
    Israel365 I have now been called a watchman for our Lord and am so humbled and grateful to serve the
    Father our God!

    My thanks go out to all of Israel and especially to Rabbi Tuly Weisz for making it feel so personal that it is
    like being part of your wonderful family! I pray that Israel and America become closer and even better
    friends throughout the new year…..mike

  6. Batzion

    Happy 5th Anniversary Israel365, and thank you, Rabbi Weisz, for your vision and effort. Thank you, also, to the good people at Israel365. You have all been a blessing.

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