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Video: The Secret Weapon For Jewish Victory

Watch this moving video which connects the victory of the Six Day War with the victory of the Maccabees leading to the holiday of Hanukkah.

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  1. ruth hirt

    HaSHEM displays HIS eternal love, HIS faithfulness to HIS Word, to HIS people. HE wants to bless Israel before the eyes of the vicious, wretched world !

    • Margare (Moselle)

      Happy Hanukkah Israel. The Resolution that took effect against Israel giving the Palestinians lands that belongs to Israel voted by many countries in favour of the Resolution. Israel is not moving any of its lands to the Palestinians, more so the east part of Jerusalem . Jerusalem is a Jewish State given to us by King David it is the most holy part of Israel. Tell me why did this Resolution come in especially when Obama’s term of office expire in January 20,2017, did Obama want to get even with Israel? What prompted US to be in favour of the resolution. US should have voted against it . Well Israel the President of Israel and Israel is not going to give up any lands which belong to Israel. Wait until Donald Trump is President in January he will over turn the resolution and video it. It seems funny how our homeland is dictated to us. Israel be firm and stand up and don’t let the world tell us what to do. G-d be with you and I wish Israel a Happy New Year. Good luck Moselle .

  2. Barbara Coleman

    Against all odds, absolutely awesome. Praise the Almighty God

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