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Plant a Tree in Israel and Make Prophecy Come True

With the Jewish New Year on October 3, 2016, Israel365 is actively reflecting on last year’s accomplishments and this year’s goals. One of our goals is to renew and build the Land of Israel through planting trees. King David writes in Psalms 96:12, “Let the field be joyful, and all that is in it. Then all the trees of the woods will rejoice.” 

As we look forward to the Jewish year of 5777, our hearts and minds are filled with hope that this year will be filled with endless reason to rejoice. Our prayers are for peace in the land,  and health and prosperity for all.

As we reflect on our past, we always remember the 6 million victims of the Holocaust whose dreams for a new beginning were snuffed out by haters of God’s children. In their memory, Israel365 in cooperation with the Jewish National Fund pooled our resources and planted a Forest of 1,000 trees in memory of those who payed the ultimate price for being Jewish.  Called “The Israel365 Holocaust Memorial Forest”, we believe that bringing the Land of Israel to life through these trees is a fitting way to memorialize these holy souls.

Our next tree planting initiative will take place in the vineyards of Samaria. We will partner with a leading farm that is planting grape vines in fulfillment of Jeremiah 31:5, “You shall still plant vineyards in the mountains of Samaria.”

Please join us on our mission to add to the beauty of the Holy Land.

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  1. Lexi Bowersox

    thank you for keeping me updated on God’s chosen Israel…. could you please tell me if you know anything about Zion oil co that is advertising on our christian television channels. thank you lexi bowersox

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