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Video: A Song for the IDF

As they defend the rights of the Jewish people within our homeland, we must always keep the brave men and women of the IDF in our hearts and minds.

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  1. Janet Daniel

    That was WONDERFUL and Annointed!

  2. Lawrence

    Israel is a country that does so much good not only for themselves but for people all over the globe and at the same time is the most persecuted, slandered and reviled country in the world. The U.N.,EU, international community, and main stream media are quick to make biased and bigoted accusations but what isn’t reported is the real story about Israel who has been responsible for countless medical advancements to eradicate life threatening diseases, science and technology in everything from agriculture to military advancements, Israel is home to some of the finest educational institutions, not to mention the countless humanitarian missions to assist their fellow man. There are more Nobel prize winners per capita in Israel than any other country. Perhaps a good reason why Israel contributes in such a positive way is because of the biblical mandate to be a light among st the nations. Many people misinterpret the well known phrase, “the chosen people” to take on an aura of arrogance. But, in reality, the term refers to the responsibility of the Jewish people to enhance and educate others through morality and ethics. This is something in very short supply today. We are living in dark days. But, we must keep in mind that the Jewish people have survived thousands of years of persecution, the Spanish inquisition, four hundred year expulsion from England, the pogroms of eastern Europe, and of course the Holocaust, we will most certainly outlast the U.N., UNESCO, Palestinians and every other entity that seeks to destroy us.

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