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Video: Make Some Noise and Stand Up for Israel

In a great YouTube video, an Israeli soldier urged people to shout out their love of Israel and overcome the deafening noise of anti-Israel lies. Viewers responded so positively and showered him with fantastic videos from around the world declaring their support for Israel.

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  1. Sandile Fundam

    Africa and South Africa stands with Israel. The Name of the Lord is truly great. The earth is Lord’s in its fullness!!!

    • sonia johnsons

      I am South African but I lost my heart in Israel. The Lord bless and always keep you guys. Amen.

  2. Vickie Rowlands

    I love and support Israel, I pray for your country, your government, your soldiers, Israels Supernatural protection Ihave been to Israel and I will DEFINATELY be coming back. I live in Cape Town South Africa and I am not ashamed to tell about my allegiance to Israel. Shalom

  3. Eileen Reznicek

    All those who support freedom must (should) support Israel.

  4. Tom Boshoff

    We LOVE Israel and will ALWAYS
    From the Boshoff family in Lydenburg RSA

  5. Pearl Coleman

    I definitely stand with Israel!!!?

  6. Pearl Coleman

    I love Israel, the only salvation for the earth!

  7. Lucy Dekhterman

    We stand with Izrael, always and love that land!

  8. Pauline

    Bill and I, Pauline, from Bairnsdale in Victoria, Australia, believe you are God’s chosen people, and it is through you that the Gentiles have been blessed, and we ABSOLUTELY SUPPORT ISRAEL!!! GOD BLESS ISRAEL, AMEN and AMEN.

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