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Video: Hebrew Music Monday with ‘My Hebron’

Complete with uplifting pictures of the holy city, this music video says it all. ‘Hebron Sheli’ means ‘My Hebron’.

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  1. William Nawatani

    Am extremely favorably impressed with your Israel365! Highly informative; very much appreciative of the opportunity to visually see other places (e.g., Hevron, etc.) in Israel which usually are not available at other sites.
    Also am very, very grateful for the Scripture verses in Hebrew, English, and transliteration in Hebrew pronunciation, due to having taken an elementary Hebrew course; may you continue furnishing these verses, bevakashah ana ve-todah rabah!

  2. Julio Azancot Franco

    Me ha gustado mucho la cancion y paisajes de Hebron, como todo lo que recibo de Israel 365

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