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Video: ‘One Day’, Peace Will Rule the World!

A young couple sings of peace and harmony. It will happen, ‘One Day’.

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  1. Chito Medina

    To dah rabah, beautiful song, as a believer of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that one day when the Prince if peace ( Jesus the prince of Peace)will come back again establishing His Kingdom here on earth a complete peace that surpasses understanding is what we all desire.

  2. Dan

    I believe HaShem’s Peace will come in one day, And very soon. The King of Kings will take his throne at His coming. It is so wonderful to dwell on His coming; very exciting. Your videos are wonderful and up lifting. Thank you.

  3. Caroline

    Brilliant, really made me smile.

  4. Judy

    Beautiful song sung by nice young couple in their car with Imma holding their baby on her lap. Hope they have a car seat for the baby when they drive!!!

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