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Video: A Musical Flashmob in Biblical Samaria

In the middle of Ariel in the heart of Biblical Samaria, something unexpected, musical and wonderful occurs. These hills are alive!

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  1. glenda LaFont

    These wonderful people. God bless them and Israel.

  2. Joy

    Absolutely beautiful. Keep singing Israel.

  3. Rita Hammond

    Flashmob in Sumaria was beautifully done. Loved it!!!

    • Susana C. Thompson

      I love it! I play over and over again. Wonderful song, music, voices, and harmony.
      May Hashem bless, watch, and protect Israel.

  4. Himblar Marak

    God of Israel be praised !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. B. Arun

    Little angels came down from heaven; as they started making melody others joined them one by one. And their sound of music reached heaven.

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