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Video: This Arab Israeli Woman Deserves a Standing Ovation!

Sarah Zoabi is a proud Muslim Zionist, an unbelievable advocate for the Nation of Israel, who pays a high price for speaking her mind.

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  1. Rusty

    It warmed my heart to see the Arab Lady defend Israel, God will truly bless her.
    May she and her family find peace until the end of time.

  2. Jerome

    A really courageous Arab lady whom Hashem has revealed the truth. Shallom.

  3. vera carey Australia

    Good for you SARAH so proud of you for sticking to the truth GOD BLESS iSRAEL FROM A CHRISTIAN AND PROUD OF IT

  4. Frances Peacock

    Awesome – this is a woman who needs to shout it to the world; especially to the U.S. because of our past 8 yrs..our presidents’ behavior toward Israel has been inexcusable and dangerous. Many Americans have a distorted view of true Muslims and an equally distorted view of the role that Israel occupies in the Middle East; and almost NO idea of the past 70 yr history of the State of Israel. We pray for Israel – those of us who love her and understand her and have a deep feeling for our Judeo-Christian heritage.

  5. Hinda Blas.

    I wish others would come forward. If Ms. Zoabi could do it – others can too. I suppose her husband is no longer with her. So she can get a divorce via an Israeli court for her safety.

  6. Bobbie stephenson

    GOD Bless this dear woman!!!!!!!

  7. Sheila Friedman

    This woman represents the good in many Muslims. She reminds us of the time when the Arabs and Jews lived in peace throughout the Middle East during the Golden age. Her message can do wonders throughout the world, to show the world how Israel believes in the rights of every individual. She know she’s not a second-class citizen because she is a woman. G-d bless her and her family and keep them safe.

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