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Video: Elie Wiesel: Universal Lessons of the Holocaust

Elie Wiesel, of blessed memory, focused upon the universal lessons that emerged from the Holocaust and the obligation to carry those messages to the world.

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  1. Peter Joffe

    How can it be that Political Correctness accepts these crimes because it may be against someone’s ideology to object. If we do not object and we do not deliver the message, we are party to the crimes and soon those crimes will be visited on all of us. Islam is the new ‘acceptable’ crime against humanity and many decent people are too sacred to object and deliver the message of hope and change. People are being slaughtered as they were in the Second World War whilst the Politically Correct people look the other way??? They did not care in 1944 and they do not care now but there is a huge difference between then and now as the hatred is against all decent people and the only survivors will be Muslims if we do nothing.

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