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Video: A Trip to the Dea Sea Region, Masada & Ein Gedi

Enjoy this gorgeous 2 minute video of the desert region of the Dead Sea, with great shots of Masada and Ein Gedi!

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  1. Patricia Webster

    I am interested in getting some videos of 10 minutes or less in length of different subjects about Israel. I have tried downloading from YouTube but it blocks me from doing that. I must be able to get the videos on a flash drive so that I can show them are my church. I am willing to pay if you can assists me in acquiring these videos. I am specifically interested in videos that show the country of Israel, the history, the progress and the successes. Please let me know if you can help me.

  2. Alan eugene tshudy jr

    I would love to meet a rabbi and have a conversation about the torah and bibilical accounts and have questions about things

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