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Hebrew Music Mondays

Sing Along it’s Music Monday

Sing to the words of today’s verse and rejoice in the prophet’s proclamation of peace!

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  1. Janet Hair

    I do really love all of this so much, and enjoy the Hebrew music on Mondays, lovely words, and beautiful pictures. Thanks ever so much for having all of this available to all who love it so much.

  2. JJ Knell

    Hashem gave Eretz Israel to HIS people – that settles it. Who can stand up against HIM ?

  3. David Bicbic

    I enjoy all the videos and read all the features with gusto. How i wish I could visit Israel and see those wonderful places – a land comes alive “flowing with milk and honey” as the Holy Word of G-d said.
    To da, Shalom. G-d bless Israel. From the Philippines.

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