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Video: Amazing Replica of Solomon’s Temple

This fascinating video gives a vision of Solomon’s Temple as it once stood in Jerusalem. All of its intricate details were accurately culled from the Bible to present a beautiful and inspiring replica.

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  1. nishant

    God bless Israel and I pray for the peace of Jerusalem

  2. Nancy Pfender

    I love Israel and God’s chosen people. It is so wonderful to see the beautiful places Jesus performed so many miracles and preached to multitudes of people. May the Holy Tenple be rebuilt soon and Christ will return. What a beautiful thought. May Israel be protected by the Hand of God and blessed forever. Peace be with Israel and the Jews. Amen!

  3. Abbie

    G-d Bless Israel and may Peace reign over the Holy Land.

  4. Andrew

    A great video but misnamed; no one knows what the First Temple looked like for certain. This is Herod’s Temple, the Second Temple. The Temple Mount was greatly increased by Herod as seen in the video and there were no Romans when Solomon and Israel ruled the world; the Fortress Antonia, built by Rome to keep an eye on goings on, situated at the NW corner of the Temple Mount was not part of the First Temple.

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