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Video: Israel on a Drone: Sea of Galilee

A breathtaking video that captures all of Israel’s natural beauty. Sit back and enjoy!

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  1. William

    We strongly agree!

    • Alida Gerhart

      Thank you for the drone views of Israel. My Heart is in Israel though I may never see her in this world, In Heaven perhaps I will. God Bless You

  2. Sientje Seinen

    “O my soul why art thou grieving,
    Why disquieted in me?
    Hope in G-d your faith retrieving/
    He will still your refuge be.
    I again shall laud His Grace,
    For the comfort of His face
    He will show His help and favour
    For He is my G-d and saviour. Psalm 42 verse 3 set to music.

  3. Richard

    Beautiful, wish I could go there.

  4. roger trow

    The bible makes it very clear that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel. So no
    one has the right to divide it or surrender its sovereignty.

  5. silvia eason

    Beautiful view of Yisrael. Can’t wait to see her for myself one of these days. I understand why G-d chose her, adorned her with beauty. Thank you for sharing. G-d bless

  6. Karen Moody

    Beautiful…Hashem, bless Israel and bring all her children to You. Thank you, the Creator bless you for having shown one portion of the beauty of his creation. The City of G-d!

  7. Janice Leggett smith

    Israel has my heart.

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