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Torah Symbolism Meets Graphic Art: Orit Martin Review

Art connoisseurs, philosophers, Kabbalists and the deeply spiritual will all find a shared interest in the art of Orit Martin. An Israeli Kabbalistic artist, she carries the most profound, spiritual ideas into the visual world of form and color with her breathtaking and reflective paintings. Her work is groundbreaking, bringing a breath of fresh air to the world of traditional Judaic art by combining customary Jewish symbols and themes with deep and esoteric ideas.

Using photography, paint and digital technology, the images she creates are as layered as they are introspective. Like many other Jewish artists, she loves including silvers and golds – but she does so on top of rich color strata, giving her work its unique appearance. Working off the theme of opposites – this world and the next, Heaven and Earth, the past and the future, the spiritual and physical, the tangible and the immaterial – Orit’s combination of digital mediums with the brushstroke is most fitting.

orit martin tree of life

Drawing her inspiration from Kabbalah, Hasidut, the Zohar and other Jewish motifs, Orit’s work encapsulates the deepest dimensions and most intense concepts while pleasing the eye. The existential themes of her art will lead one to introspection, meditation and inspiration as the viewer contemplates his relationship to G-d, the Universe and his soul. The otherworldly light reflected in them captivates the observer, drawing him into a world beyond.

Orit Martin rose of life

A formally trained artist who lives with her family in Jerusalem, Orit has authored books on drawing and painting and has had her work featured in many galleries and art shows. But her work is not just intended for the deeply spiritual soul-seekers and Kabbalists among us. She paints for all humanity — for all those who can look beyond the surface, who love color and beauty and who value the depths of the human experience.


If you’re looking to add more profundity and dimension to your home, office or synagogue, Orit Martin’s limited edition fine art prints will do just that. These works, full of colors, ideas and emotions, are not just another ornamental piece to be displayed. They are not just an investment in décor. They are an investment in your spirit.


Tree of Life

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Product Description

This limited edition signed work of art can be pruchased in print or high qaulity canvas. It features a mystical Tree of Life, extending from the Heavens to the Earth, from this world to the next, from the beginning of time until the end. Clouds, sun and an otherworldly light frame the Tree, which hangs suspended in a place that seems to exist above time, outside space and in a purely spiritual dimension. The Sefirot, which feature prominently in the middle, are a conduit for Divine energy, a channel for G-d’s infinite light. Israeli artist Orit Martin is renowned for her combination of profound Kabbalistic concepts with thought-provoking visual imagery.

Print on Paper: 30cmx40cm
Print on high quality canvas: 80cmx53cm

In the Bible

The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of G-d was hovering over the face of the waters

The beginning of the Bible. It’s so famous, so well-known, and yet so very deep. It’s hard to picture what’s described here, what is so beyond our ability to comprehend. Yet, we learn that in the beginning all was dark and shapeless – but G-d was there. G-d is always there, no matter how dark and empty things seem. That is the promise of this verse. He is always near.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Excellent excellent excellent!
    Imaginary of the Tree of Life without earth or matter being formed already.

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  2. 5 out of 5

    Orit’s beautiful art triggers the imagination to perceive parallel concepts linking Heaven and earth. Thank you!

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