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Video: The Meaning Behind a Name

Listen to the story of how one young couple experienced amazing inspiration in choosing a name for their newborn son. A true testament to the unity of the Jewish nation.

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  1. Amber Daneliuk

    I Love you Israel, and every Jewish resident that resides there! And every Jewish person in the world. You are all G-d’s chosen people, and through you I was grafted in. The entire world is very jealous of you, but they don’t realize it. They blame a multitude of other reasons as to why they despise you, But I know it is because they wish they could be like you. SMART, HEALTHY, INTELLIGENT,FUNNY,INVENTIVE,MUSICAL,GREAT WITH MONEY, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY BLESSED AND LOVED BY G-D UNCONDITIONALLY LOVED. My heart belongs to Elohim first and Israel second. Love Amber

  2. Amber Daneliuk

    I’m not sure what else I can add. I pray for Jerusalem and the peace of it and Israel always.

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