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Video: City of David Revealed!

Join our virtual tour of the underground explorations of the City of David in Jerusalem. History comes to life at every turn.

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  1. Paul Bethke

    When reading the Scriptures, it becomes perfectly clear that land was set aside for Israel, and it appears to be an eternal Covenant—even when Israel was exiled, it remained established that they would return to the land allocated.

  2. Rebecca Miller

    Thank you for this wonderful film! Enjoyed every exciting discovery with you. May God continue to protect and bless his chosen people. Our prayers are with the nation of Israel as we see prophesy being fulfilled.

  3. Patricia Newman

    I believe you are blessed because you live in Israel. The power of Almighty God is all you need. He was , is , and always will be the light of the World!!
    Thank you for the film. I really enjoyed watching God’s creations unearthed. His power is everlasting!
    God Bless Us All!!!
    Patricia Newman

  4. Carolan La Vallee-Rahman

    I can hardly contain my excitement! What an amazing discovery and journey back to the roots of our faith.

    I have long felt in my spirit that someone will stumble upon a discovery that will silence all objections to the rightful ownership of this land as decreed by the Almighty Creator! This land was given to G-d’s chosen people, the Israelites and that is just a fact.


  5. Gisele Brazeau

    I am excited to see that the truth is coming out and alive no one can denied the facts God will bring it one way or the other out .Man can try all he wants ,deny it ,but the truth remains and will always .I praise God for Israel was given to Abraham and to his descendant (seed).I am with Israel ..I visited in 2013 and entend to go again if God willing .Thank you ,…pray for the protection of your country in Jesus name..

  6. George Marshall

    This film/facts and all the other historical, archaeological and extra Biblical evidence should be amassed to show the UN and the rest of the world that We, the Jews have been in the land (which is larger than current Israel for at least 4,000 years.

  7. Emmanuel Moses

    It is a great pleasure to be identified with the people of God. If I am not identify with God’s people where can I found God to associate with Him

  8. Wilfred

    What a wonderful experience. I subscribe to The Watchman and saw this video, AMAZING, AWESOME, ENLIGHTENING and TRUE. What a blessing to see all this and not being physically there, God willing, one day I will visit Israel.

  9. Duane Basinger

    The proofs are being discovered and I pray that GOD will open the eyes of the world to see that His Word is true and that every word written was inspired by God, Old and New Testament. God loves us so vary much that he sent his Son, the perfect unblemished Lamb of God, to be the final once for all time sacrifice for all people race and color, for those who will humble themselves and admit their sin and put their trust in Christ the Lamb of God, by faith, faith like that of Abraham.
    God Bless you and may his face shine upon you and give you His Peace.

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