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Music Review

Musical Virtuoso Offers Songs of Comfort

Songs of Comfort by Daniel Zamir

Songs of Comfort by Daniel Zamir

Daniel Zamir is a highly praised musician, composer, and songwriter, receiving acclaim from media critics and the public purchase power alike. One sign of his virtuosity is that he was awarded Israel’s Prime Minister Award for Outstanding Jazz Composers in 2010, when he was 32 – the youngest musician to ever receive the award.

An exceptionally talented player of the saxophone in his own right, Zamir is also responsible for the musical compositions and original lyrics on his nine albums to date. He has crafted a melded sound, bringing together the elements of jazz with those of ethnic music elements from the world over.

Zamir first came into his own in the United States, where he lived for several years after he left the Israel Defense Forces. During that time, he connected on a more profound level with his Jewish heritage, and he returned to Israel. In Israel, Zamir has performed and recorded with other big names from the Israeli music scene, including Ehud Banai, Yoni Rechter, and, most recently, Matisyahu, with whom he has toured Europe.


This album includes haunting and joyous wordless melodies, as well as carefully crafted lyrics and spoken words that rise to the challenge offered by the tunes themselves.

Jewish themes permeate Zamir’s work, but he does more than set biblical verses to music. Rather, he crafts songs that resonate with those whose ears are attuned to spiritual nuance and the fervent hope and prayer for an improved world. Zamir captures that range of human experience by including a song about the waiting period that is pregnancy and the thirteen attributes of Divine mercy for humanity.

These songs offer listeners an encounter with music – one that is rendered all the more meaningful when listeners can close themselves up with the speakers from which the tunes cast their spell, and immerse themselves in what they hear wholeheartedly.

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