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Blessings for the Home

Archie Granot's papercuts are a beautiful addition to any home.

Archie Granot’s papercuts are a beautiful addition to any home.

There may come a time when someone you care about moves into a new home. Of course, you want to show support and congratulate them with a thoughtful gift – but you are not the only one with these intentions, which makes being original challenging. It is always nice to get another vase or fancy dish, but perhaps you would like your gift to stand out and be something ultimately meaningful. In that case, Archie Granot has got you covered.

The Blessing for the Home, known in Hebrew as “Birkat Habayit”, is a common feature displayed in Jewish residences across the world. The prayer often adorns the entrance of a home and requests that God grant peace to the dwelling. 

The artist has two beautiful renditions of this blessing available: one with the Hebrew prayer and a separate English translation included below, and one with interlinear translations. The latter piece also includes both the Hebrew and English version of the prayer, but with the English phrases placed directly under each of the Hebrew ones in a user-friendly manner.


Born in London, England in 1946, Archie Granot moved to Israel in 1967. Prior to settling in Jerusalem in 1978, he was a member of an agricultural community where he milked cows and grew melons. He has a M.Phil in Russian Studies from the University of Glasgow, Scotland and a B.A. in Political Science and Russian Studies from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Archie Granot created his first papercut in 1979, and has been creating paper art ever since. Many of his multilayered paper cuts carry a reminder of the Holy City of Jerusalem, a source of his inspiration. Granot often uses texts that relate to Jerusalem, Judaica, Judaism, Israel, and Jewish weddings (Ketubahs).

In these two beautiful pieces he allows you to bless that special person who means a lot to you, in the purest way. Whether in Hebrew and English separately or intertwined, they will know how much you mean to them with these precious gifts.