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Video: Open Letter to the World from Jerusalem

A powerful 2 minute video based on a famous “open letter to the world from Jerusalem” by Stanley Goldfoot in 1969. Reveals the hard truth of the world’s indifference to Jerusalem through the centuries, yet the undying Jewish connection.

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  1. Gerald Lynch

    Nothing has changed since 1969, and the words spoken by Stanley Goldfoot as as true today as when first uttered. Todays politicians of the world are wallowing in hypocrisy, will never come to Israels aid, just as they never have in the past. You wonderful people are pretty much on your own, but there is a tremendous admiration from the ordinary citizens of so many countries, for your honesty, open-heartedness, the freedoms that citizens of Israel enjoy but are denied by every other country in ME. Any honest appraisal of history must confirm the Jewish connection to her land, and one day, hopefully not too long in coming will be re-united with all the other tribes whom God Himself assured would live in the only genuine Holy Land. Modern day Israel is an example to all other countries of the world, but they all respond in the same way, with hatred. Repent and turn to your and my God and He will insure that which He promised will come to fruition. Shalom to you all

  2. Shayna alterman

    Wonderful video. Says it all.

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