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Video: Hanukkah Lights at the Kotel 2015

Just Amazing! Hanukkah candles being lit at the Western Wall this past week.

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  1. Daylene Blizzard

    I was raised a Catholic and was taught that Jews were GODS people , the American people are behind u even if Obama isn’t. I have prayed for u, will u pray for us. Thank u

  2. Betty McCain

    I am from Michigan, USA and I had always wanted to visit Israel and had written it down in 2002 on my wish list which I put in a book and forgot about. Six years later in 2008 after having heart surgery, out of the clear blue I received an unexpected invitation to go to Israel, which I seized upon the opportunity and the experience was breathtaking. I came across that wish list three years after that visit and I plan to go again. I love Israel and it’s people.

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