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Review: Jewelry and Books with Meaning

Author and artist Sarah Feld works to bring redemption a bit closer.

Author and artist Sarah Feld works to bring redemption a bit closer.

Anyone with an affinity towards jewelry would say that they have pieces which carry sentimental value-perhaps a grandmother’s ring or a necklace received for an anniversary. However, Israeli jewelry designer, Sarah Feld has taken meaningful jewelry to a whole new level.

Sarah is the brain behind the popular “RingSaver” ® necklace, a beautiful pendant with a subtle hook. The unique design helps women know where their rings are at all times. When a woman removes her rings to wash her hands, apply cream or for any number of other reasons, she can simply hang them on her necklace.

“The RingSaver was the first jewelry I designed,” shared Sarah with Israel365. “I kept losing my rings when I would take them off to wash my hands or do household chores. It was becoming ridiculous.” Designed and crafted in Israel, the RingSaver is an innovative way to safeguard your rings.

Originally from New Jersey, Sarah moved to Israel in 1981. She presently lives in Beit El, located in the northern Jerusalem hills and the place of Jacob’s famous biblical dream when angels ascended and descended on a ladder from Heaven. She is the mother to five and a grandmother to many.

Sarah’s sparkle is not only through her jewelry. She was a sought-after doula (labor support) and childbirth educator for nearly 30 years. Actively involved in her community, she also facilitates memoir and creative writing for golden agers and offers guided imagery and inner child work for growth and healing.  She is a published author of human interest articles, books of poetry and political commentary, sometimes under a pseudonym.

Her poetry books, Your Voice I See and Generation of the Desert have received wide accolades from readers and well known authors alike. Shifrah Devorah Witt, MA, MFA Writer, Editor, Creative Writing Coach, said, “Sarah Feld’s poetry dares to ask hard questions and explore their answers.” Debbie Shapiro, published author, writes, “Sarah’s powerful poetry conveys a deep, all-encompassing love for the Land of Israel and her nation. I found myself moved to tears.”

With her Land of Israel- and Jewish-themed jewelry designs and books, Sarah Feld has taken her wide-ranging talents and streamlined them into items that people love.

The beautiful, wearable art with meaning, RingSavers ®  come in the shape of a pomegranate, a heart at whose center is the Land of Israel, and a Jewish star with a dove nesting cozily. There is also Miriam’s tambourine (which actually tinkles) and a globe with the words ‘God’s glory fills the world’ inscribed in Hebrew.    

“Through my jewelry and books, I try to express love and faith in God, the Jewish people and Israel,” Sarah shared. “Yes, the jewelry is innovative and made in Israel with high-quality standards, and people have told me how much they gain from reading my books. But, I also like to think that my designs and poetry help to bring redemption a bit closer.”

Israel in My Heart RingSaver Pendant

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You Pay: $59.00


A unique design by master artisan Sarah Feld, the silver RingSaver® pendant featuring a map of the State of Israel safely enveloped inside a heart frame is a special way to show the world that the Holy Land is always on your mind and close to your soul. Every piece of Sarah Feld’s jewelry is carefully fashioned so your pendant is truly one of a kind.

Designed by Sarah Feld of Beit El, Israel and created by artist Avichayil, this RingSaver® pendant is open-ended so you can easily slip off your ring and hang it on the pendant when washing hands, applying cream or for any other reason.

Silver 925 – 2.3 gr.



In the Bible

Create for me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
--PSALMS (51:12)

There are many references in the Bible to the heart, which is often used poetically to represent feelings. Those with a special feeling for Israel can wear the Israel in My Heart RingSaver® Pendant close to their heart.



  1. Vina Korman

    I love any thing regarding to God’ Israel. This is so beautiful.

    • Garnett

      What material is in the necklace and does it come with the chain–what metal?

      • Rabbi Tuly Weisz (verified owner)


        Thank you for your question and I hope you are well.

        This necklace is made of sterling silver and it comes with a chain included.

        Have a wonderful day!

    • Viniana

      I am from the Fiji Islands – (in the South Pacific) I am interested in buying the chain – can it be possible be shipped here too?

      • Ariella Mendlowitz

        Shalom! The necklace can be shipped anywhere in the world, as long as we are given a proper, valid mailing address and there is a local post office in your city.

  2. Nidia Rodriguez

    His word will last forever.

    • Sientje Commerford

      G-d bless Israel and its people!

  3. Esther Kluge

    It is very touching and the truth !!!

    • JOE & ERIN NEMETH (verified owner)

      Very welcome done and received!!!
      Silent beauty with the power of the written Word!! God is good.

  4. Connie

    The most beautiful and amazing scenes and a feeling of peace. GOD BLESS ISRAEL

    • Mary Eich (verified owner)

      I was very pleased with the pendant. I like that it is very sturdy and can be worn at any time . I am always pleased with anything that I have purchased from this site and hope to be able to purchase more in the future.

  5. Ferdinand Rajcany

    There should be more and more frequent releases of this teachings.
    Good work but not enough. “palestine” is the Holiest Land for the Jews and Christians and world tries to Denny it.

  6. Mary Lou Mackey


  7. Vera

    everything about Israel is wonderful our god’s chosen land

  8. Dixie McIntosh

    This video is beautiful & inspiring. It makes me want to pray for Israel!

  9. M Ladwig

    Your art work looks beautiful!
    What is the size of the pendant and the length of the chain?
    Is the chain sterling silver also?

    • Ariella Mendlowitz

      Shalom, this pendant measures 2.5cm x 3cm and the chain measures 45cm. The chain is sterling silver.

  10. Charlene Kuhlkin

    How wide is the heart?

    • Ariella Mendlowitz

      Shalom, this pendant measures 2.5cm x 3cm.

  11. Kimberly Cole

    Thank you Great soft covered book by Sarah Field A lot of nice poems encouragement for different circumstances in your life a Great book when you are going through a difficult time in your life. highly recommend this book of poems you will enjoy reading them. Kimberly C.

    • Shriya

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