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Hebrew Music Mondays: Ani Ma’amin (I Believe) — Faith in the Face of Adversity

Throughout Jewish history, this mantra of faith in the face of adversity has helped the nation endure. Composed and arranged by Mordechai Shapiro, “Ani Ma’amin (I believe)” expresses the hope that through prayer, the redemption will come soon. Warning: This video contains some difficult imagery, reflecting the current security situation in Israel.


Ani Ma’ameen b’emoonah shlayma
I believe with perfect faith

b’viat hamashiach, ani ma’ameen
in the coming of the Messiah, I believe

v’af al pee sh’yitmameyha
and even if he delays

eem kol zeh achakeh lo
with all this, I will wait for him

b’chol yom sheyavoh
any day he comes

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