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VIDEO: This Day in History

On November 29, 1947, the UN voted to end the British Mandate in the Holy Land. It was a vote that lasted a mere 3 minutes but changed the course of history and brought 2000 years of Jewish exile to an end.

Watch this brief documentary about the period leading up to the UN vote and its historical implications.

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  1. Anne Snodgrass

    Thank Heaven. About time after 2,000 years!!!!! May peace be had in every corner of our world. May the commandments be kept by all & scriptures be read daily in our homes. What the world needs now is LOVE for all.

  2. michael gerona quiogue

    I was just contemplating and came to understand why our country the Philippines was transformed to become Christian from ancient paganism. It has a divine mission by voting yes to “Israel Nation”.

    Because of scarcity of work opportunities here in our country Filipinos seek jobs in almost every part of the globe and compare themselves to “Wandering Jews”. I am also inclined to believe our fellow countrymen has natural urge to teach the what Jesus taught us in simplest terms possible.

    May the Father Almighty in Heaven be watchful always to Israel in Jesus’ name.

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