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VIDEO: Planting Trees in Israel

Following the end of the Sabbatical (shmittah) year, two groups brought volunteers out to the fields of Israel to fulfill the Biblical commandment of planting fruit trees in the Holy Land. “It’s important to me to develop the land of Israel,” said one volunteer, an immigrant from the US to Israel, while another added that starting the new cycle of planting at this time of year, following the Jewish holidays, was especially symbolic of a fresh start. According to one of the project coordinators, “We’re growing, we’re planting, we’re living, we’re thriving, the world is in turmoil right now, but right now, we are building the land of Israel.” Watch this moving video and get a sense of the joy of helping Israel flourish!

To be part of the commandment and plant your own trees in Israel, click here.

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  1. Abhimitra Konwar

    I am an Indian citizen, and my home city is Mumbai. I have done M.Sc. in Ecology and Environment and I think that Israel is taking best steps to make our earth green and beautiful for our next generations . I also appreciate Israel’s steps for solar energy.

    From yours ever
    Abhimitra Konwar , Mumbai, India

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