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VIDEO: Israeli Soldier Tells the Real Truth About the IDF

In this video, IDF Reservist Matan Katzman gives an articulate and impassioned speech to the European Union Human Rights Committee on behalf of the Israeli soldiers he serves with and the people they protect. Matan’s speech is in part a reaction to the “Breaking the Silence” organization, which attempts to discredit the IDF’s efforts to save Palestinian lives during operations. “The IDF is a moral army fighting in an immoral neighborhood,” says Matan, adding that the single most important policy of the IDF is to avoid the deaths of Palestinian civilians. “We choose to lose our element of surprise. Hamas knows where we’re coming from, because we inform them. We would rather face terrorists who know we are coming and are prepared for us in order to know that Palestinians are safe.”

Watch this video to hear more of his testimony on the real truth about the IDF.

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  1. Hazel Ruddle from the UK

    Admiration and love for IDF.

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