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Is Evolution Justifiable?

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Evolution cannot occur through random events the way neo-Darwinists claim.

Evolutionary theory is obligated to account for the build-up of the information of life from their alleged original primitive cell to all the life today, which it does not.

Neo-Darwinian evolution postulates that the information came through random mutations and natural selection. In Evolution Revolution the calculation explain that it is so improbable as to be nearly impossible.

The Nonrandom Evolutionary Hypothesis (NREH), which is discussed in Evolution Revolution, postulates that organisms have a built-in capability of responding to environmental stress with an adaptation that relieves that stress.


Evolution Revolution further develops the nonrandom hypothesis (NREH) based on an abundance of new data. The book examines the strongest popular arguments that have been offered for evolution, such as the supposed uniqueness of the phylogenetic tree, the fossil record, biogeographical data, and vestigial organs.

“I accept that evolution occurs,” author, Dr. Lee Spetner explained, “populations do indeed change to become adapted to their environment. But I offer my own theory, the NREH, as a replacement for random mutations and natural selection. I do not deny that natural selection occurs, but it is much less important than the Darwinists believe”.

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